What are cashews?

Cashews are known to be nuts that contain many times more antioxidant fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 than other nuts. In addition, cashews also contain many minerals such as magnesium, copper, … necessary for the process of creating enzymes for the body. Besides, because of its moisture, sweet taste, soothing effects, except for phlegm, it is completely suitable for people with physical weakness or diseases of sore throat, cough due to cold, a lot of phlegm. Cashew nuts have many outstanding effects, but the components of cashews are equally diverse. Currently on the market, there are many finished products of cashew nuts for sale, giving consumers many choices.

Products of cashews you may not know!

Raw, unroasted raw cashews

– One of the finished products of cashew nuts to mention is fresh unroasted cashews. This is a finished product that retains all the nutrients right after harvesting and peeling. Usually this type is mainly for export.

– You can also use this fresh cashew nut to make dishes and especially if you cook with milk, it’s delicious. This product is preferred by the elderly or those wishing to be vegetarian or lose weight. Using fresh cashews to make the filling is also a very delicate choice!

– Only preliminarily processed by peeling and removing the silk layer, so fresh cashews have a short shelf life, up to 2 weeks if kept at room temperature. To prolong the shelf life of the product, you can also store it in the refrigerator or dry it.

Whole-flavor dried cashews

Whole dried cashews are also one of the most sought after products of cashew nuts. Because it is also the type that retains the same properties as fresh cashews but is dried to prolong the storage time. Not seasoned, so it is also used by many housewives in dishes. 100% natural, crunchy, inherently sweet, playing is also an interesting choice.

Cashew honey

If cashews already have a sweet, fatty and fragrant taste, combining with honey is not a bad idea. Believers who love the natural sweetness and sweetness of fat but are crunchy can’t ignore this honey cashew nut product. Cashew kernels combined with pure honey pureed is also a perfect mixture for some cakes!

Salt roasted cashews

The finished products of cashew nuts – salted roasted cashews with 100% natural flavor, crispy, aromatic, fleshy and fatty are the right choice for all ages. With this product, it can be preserved for a long time, due to the antibacterial properties of salt, so there is no fear of the product being damaged by insects.

However, due to the combination with salt, it will not be the optimal choice for those who are in the period of abstaining from salt. Being fried before roasting causes cashews to lose some of its original taste which is also a small minus point for this product. But in general, delicious is always loved.

Salted Roasted Cashew nuts

– Salted roasted cashew nut is one of the few finished products where you can see the entire layer of silk covering the kernel. For connoisseurs, the finished products of cashew nuts that still retain this silk layer are always more noticeable.

– Especially for salt roasted cashew nut products. With this layer of silk, when processed with salt, it will help the seeds absorb a thin layer of salt, but it will not make the kernels salty, keeping the natural sweet and fatty taste of the seeds. Moreover, the silk layer also plays an important role in the aesthetics of the product.

Wasabi cashew nuts

For those who love the taste of Wasabi, it is even more impossible to ignore this product. What better combination is there than that? The sweetness from cashews mixed with the pungent taste of mustard brings an irresistible feeling for gourmets. The spicy taste comes from the creek and is softened by the sweetness of the seeds, a taste that once you try it, you will never forget it. Being processed to serve the needs of instant food, the product is quite popular with young people. Both delicious and nutritious, why not try it. Immediately hunt for wasabi cashews – one of the products of cashew nuts.

Cashew butter

You know, there’s no butter without fat, but the plus point of cashew butter is that it’s lower in fat than other types of butter. Compared to peanut butter, 1 tablespoon of cashew butter contains 94 fewer calories. The same is true when comparing cashew butter with other nut butters. Less Fat Than Other Butters: We all know no butter is fat-free. Because of less fat and less sugar, cashew butter is often used by women during the weight loss phase.

Above are the products of cashew nut that consumers are most interested in. The level of nutrients and outstanding benefits from cashews, so it is advisable to add this food to your daily diet for optimal health balance.

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